Thursday, June 17, 2010

Raised bed hoops and row covers

This summer I was determined to have a more successful garden than last summer.  I realized that one of my problems is that my garden is very exposed to the wind and weather.  During afternoon summer thunderstorms my plants get beat up pretty bad especially if it hails.  I decided to try and make some hoops and purchase some row cover fabric.  I ordered Agribon - 19, 83" x 50' from Johnny's Selected seeds .  From the little bit of research I did I decided to use 1/2" conduit to make the hoops.  It was surprisingly cheap at $2.00 for 10' of conduit.  PVC was about $1.50.  The problem was bending the conduit to the shape of my raised beds.  Johnny's also sells a tubing bender but it was a little bit expensive and what would I do with it after I was done?  I decided to try my hand at bending them myself. Here is the video I created to show how I did it.

So far the hoops and covers are working great.  We have had a number of storms come though which included some hail and the fabric has held up great.